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Doctoral Studies

I began my post-graduate studies in October 2010, at the University of Manchester Business School (MBS) in the U.K. where I am pursuing my doctorate in Information Systems.  

Living in Oregon, Learning in the U.K.

I continue to live in the the US where I both consult and teach at Oregon State University in the College of Business, while I work to complete my course work and thesis. I travel to Manchester several times each year, but do the bulk of my work remotely.

Why Manchester Business School?

The Manchester Business PhD program was ranked #1 worldwide by the Financial Times (Forbes and US News also give it high marks) in 2008. The school is both AACSB and EQUIS accredited, a distinction very few business schools have. My advisor, Professor Peter Kawalek, (like me) has a degree in computer science and research interests in the alignment of information systems.

Progress Updates

I will continue to post updates as my coursework progresses, please check back often. You are welcome to leave a comment or contact me with any feedback or questions you may have.

February 2011

I have been back to MBS and the city of Manchester, UK now twice for on-site courses. The experience is very rich for a number of reasons:

  • Multi-cultural: all four continents are represented and many countries and ethnicities. It has been very interesting to work with so many highly intelligent people who come from very different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Intensity: given the short amount of time on site, the hours are literally packed to the minute with dense subject matter. Year one has been primarily about research methods, with philosophy and statistics to support our efforts. The courses have been demanding but a fantastic learning experience. I greatly value the format since at my stage in life, I don't need to go to class twice a week for a semester, just give me the resources, tell me what I need to learn, give me assessments to prove my learning and coach me on how to apply this to my future research efforts.
  • Research: I am quite fortunate to have the support I do at Oregon State to help me focus and conduct research. While the MBS curriculum has also challenged us to identify our research, I may be a little ahead of the pace having started my work already. What I have benefited from tremendously is being able to use the faculty and advisors at MBS to focus my research and methods. I am quite excited about the work ahead of me.


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